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The Healthy People conference provides a hospitable space for health care, public health, and other community leaders to shape the future through conversations that matter.

Can you describe a healthy America? If you can, the reality need not be far behind. We are all deeply cognizant of the problems: 17 percent of the population is uninsured, 83 cents of every health care dollar is spent on treating chronic diseases, 10 percent of the population is spending 70 percent of health care funds-the list is seemingly unending.

Health care experts, economists, and health analysts have articulated the American health care realities well. News anchors, editors, and columnists have kept us informed. So let's move from focusing on the problems to creating new mental models of things that do not yet exist.

The leadership task now becomes a matter of asking good questions, such as, How can we reframe the conversation so that we can focus on the future rather than on the past? How can we start practicing the future now?

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