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  1. 114:57:01

    Chinese - 中文

    by HeartCry Missionary Society

    71 Videos

    这一系列的中文视频信息,讲明耶稣基督的福音与圣经中基督徒的定义。 This video series contains material in the Chinese language, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to be a Christian according to the Bible. For…

  2. 36:01

    German - Deutsch

    by HeartCry Missionary Society

    1 Video

    This album contains sermons in the German (Deutsch) language.

  3. 09:31:15

    Nepali - नेपाली

    by HeartCry Missionary Society

    11 Videos

    The Gospel in Nepali

  4. 06:59:56

    Portuguese | Português

    by HeartCry Missionary Society

    6 Videos

    This album contains videos in Portuguese (Português).

  5. 73:07:44

    Russian - Русский язык

    by HeartCry Missionary Society

    80 Videos

    В этом серии, Пол Вошер объясняет что такое евангелие, и что значит, быть христианином, в соответсвии с библией.

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