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Kevin Hall - Producer / Director of Photography
Jason Romolo - Director / Editor
Gene Ho - Creative Director
Josh Jenkins - Sound

Kevin Hall, Jason Romolo, Kenny Wong, Brittany Farhat, Craig Jewell, Wes Anderson - Camera Operators

Jason Romolo, Kevin Hall, Kenny Wong, Brittany Farhat, Alysha Baynes - Editors

Jim Harrison, Erika Holle, Jess Cappalletto - HYPE / Street team

HeartstringsTV is the collective creation of two filmmakers, one advertising executive and a whole lot of love for live music. Formed in 2010, the Toronto-based film production company specializes in filming the complete spectrum of live music performances. Whether it's live onstage or offstage, HeartstringsTV aims to capture the full sonic picture of an artist’s work for their audiences.
HeartstringsTV is also dedicated to keeping music programs active in schools across Canada. Throughout the year, artists filmed by HeartstringsTV come together to play a special HeartstringsLIVE event to raise funds for charities supporting music education.

HeartstringsTV.com officially launched on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2011.


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