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Heather is a career and social media coach, corporate trainer and regional speaker. One of her biggest passions is revitalizing Michigan. She's all about #313DLove.

Heather is also the Business Services and Social Media Coordinator at the Ferndale Career Center. Her focus is on assisting businesses in their success and growth, including presenting topics on social media marketing, networking and recruiting. Heather also assists business in their talent acquisition efforts.

Due to her passion for dynamic leadership, career success and social media relations for business networking, Heather is a contributing author to The LeadChange Group (leadchangegroup.com), a regular guest on 96.3 WDVD with Blaine and Allyson, and a guest blogger on several career and leadership sites. "21 Perspectives on Creating A Leadership Revolution" in new book from @leadchangegroup – Free chapter bit.ly/cbleaderbook #LeadRev *Heather's writings can be found in Chapter 9. :)

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