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Living in Edmonton, Alberta, Ca

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Hello I am Heather Shillinglaw in 1996 I received my BFA from the Alberta College of Art & Design. During college The Works Exhibited my work in “Metis Women; A Progression through Time” Numerous individual and group showings through the late 90’s. I discovered working with artist groups to collaborate @ Banff Centre for the Arts had developed lasting relationships & opportunities as exhibitions & feminist festivals back in 1993 - 96. In 97, 98 & 99 I travelled central & south America this developed an ongoing interest of indigenous cultures. The early 00’s my practice slowed, my greatest creations my girls.

By 2005, I had developed strong interpersonal relationships with Joanne-Cardinal-Schubert she included my work in her shows & recommend paintings of mine for the Alberta-Foundation-of-the-Arts-Collection, Alex Janvier (as mentor) and Dr. Troy Patenaude (published writings of my work). I have curated exhibitions & I select artists that have a passion with landscapes, currently I have a traveling exhibition with Alberta-Gallery-of-Art. In 2009 I was invited panelist, to, 2 symposiums on Native Rights and Women’s Rights in Argentina and Paraguay, while there I engaged many groups some had developed further connections, such as the Canadian Embassy sponsored travels to Mendoza worked with an anthropologist studying tribes the Maputches she introduced me to provide unique perspective. In Paraguay I worked with a Unicef school in a Tobian-Guaranian village, their medicine woman invited me to her home, showed, to talk about her medicines, I could understand what she was talking without translators. The elder teachings help me echo how I use my surroundings and stronghold a pride of culture in my art to reflect today and yesterday.

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