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Loyal, hard-working and passionate individual when given the opportunity.

Dan Len
Cinematographer & Editor
Los Angeles
Rate$ Negotiable

Film Maker with a unique insight on Cinematography & Editing. I believe that pre-production and communication is very important for any genre of film. I also have experience as a Producer, Gaffer, 1st AC, 2nd AC and grip.

On set camera experience:
Canon 7d
Sony Nex-vg30

HardWare Equipment owned:
Sony Nex-vg30, Canon 7D, lighting kits, Mac Book Pro, Wireless Lavalier Mics, ShotgunMic, Boom Mic, Tiffen Merlin Steadicam , Tripod, gels and diffusion, C-stands, Sandbags, skate rail slider, lowboy c-stands

SoftWare Equipment owned:
Final Cut Pro 7, SoundTrack Pro, ComicLife, DataMosh, DVD Studio Pro

College Film Courses
Mt. San Antonio College, Introduction Film & Broadcasting, Film & Broadcast Business Practices, Beginning Tv. & Film Production, Editing 101 Final Cut Pro & Avid, Writing 101 Tv. & Film, Advance Tv. & Film Production.

Student film thesis:
Siren: grip
The Lovely Rejects: grip
Finger Prints: bestboy grip and electric
The Return: bestboy grip

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