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heavensent films was created because of my love for kids. My kids. I say kids because my first daughter was 2 at the time and I had fallen in love with filming her first 2 years of life. My wife was pregnant with our second daughter Hailey Jasmine Adkinson and I was considering a new meaningful name for my production company. Well, that's when I came up with heavensent films because children are sent by God from heaven. I can easily say this because I was told I couldn't have children after having chemotherapy treatments and radiation during my high school days. That's a whole other story. Now fast forward a few months after coming up with the name. While we were only 2 weeks away from our second beautiful daughter arriving and we lost her for unknown reasons. She left us and went back to heaven. Or as my wife says "She ditched us for heaven." We were left shocked, angry, hurt, sad, frustrated, and a lot of other emotions we still feel to this day. There is no real answer to how we have continued without our addition to the family, but we have and we look at life everyday as a gift from God. The 3 of us for now, have grown closer to each other and to God. This is the story of heavensent films and how it has helped me look to the creative gifts I have been given in order to capture & create wonderful, memorable experiences with a camera. Life is precious so don't waste it.

For my personal projects check out my other Vimeo page - vimeo.com/justinadkinson

For more information about my company and about me go to:

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