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Dayton Ohio's Very First Heavy Metal Church.

We have been called to bring the “Prodigal Sons And Daughters” of Christ home to
where they belong. Seeking believers who were pushed away or turned off by a bad experience with Christianity. Seeking those that believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he died for our sins and that he rose from the dead three days later but have NOT taken the plunge of coming to Christ because they feel they are not good enough to step foot into a church. Seeking believers that feel unworthy because of their past OR present. Seeking believers that have given up because they feel they can’t live the way a Christian is “supposed” to live or look the way a Christian is "supposed" to look… We are seeking YOU! You don't clean up BEFORE you take a shower my friends...

The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ is a "come as you are" Church! It is for people who want to serve the Lord but may not feel comfortable in a traditional Church environment. God wants you just as you are and once you seek Him we GUARANTEE you will not stay as you are!

We are a Bible based, non-denomination house of worship located at Grafton Kennedy Elementary School 2655 Wagner Ford Rd Dayton OH 45414.

Welcome to The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ where every Saint has a past and every Hellion has a future...


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