Hector Eduardo

Los Aneles, California

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Los Angeles-based music producer & musician

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  1. Thanks so much Ian. I just uploaded the new video and it is converting, hopefully this one will go through. I believe the settings are what is required: Dimensions: 1248 x 702 Codecs: AAC, H.264 Color profile: HD (1-1-1) Duration: 2:51 Audio channels:…
  2. I am getting the message below but I do not have a facebook or tweeter account nor do I wish to open one. I am not a spammer, my email is: info@hectoreduardo.com // Sorry! Your account has been flagged for spam, and you are not allowed to send…
  3. Could you please verify my account? It's a new one, I did get the email and clicked on the link but still it says it is spam.. Thanks. Hector Eduardo