brussels, belgium

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hidden places, suspended times, unknown faces, empty lights, distant laughters. with reckless abandon, we are exploring those daily feelings that make us grow and drown, sometimes. we are here but there.

in the last two years, he died while hunting has been working carefully at home on new delicate materials, maintaining the sincerity, the sweetness and the diy approach while pushing new doors. some friends - including ludovic bouteligier, pierre constant, catherine de biasio, fabien ghigny, aurélie muller and philippe van bellinghen - have added guitars, drums, cello, vibraphonette, trumpet and trombone.

the album was recorded and mastered by pierre constant (sweek, la tentation nihiliste, viva cats!) at al’môjone studio in andenelle, belgium. it results in nine luminous indie pop songs with touches of electronica and post-rock.

riyl: the notwist, uzi & ari, epic45, idaho, carissa's wierd, american football

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