Heidi Harris

Astoria, NY

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New Weird America
Freak Folk
Chamber Folk
Heidi is a self-taught musician and vocalist from Wolfeboro NH, now living in Astoria, NY, exploring the genre of “New Weird America”. Her creative practice is based on an exploration and intermingling of traditional and non-traditional sound sources. Heidi has been called a “chameleon” when it comes to the number of instruments she may play in a single performance or conjure up in her recordings. She often incorporates live looping where she builds layer upon layer of instruments, sound objects, and vocal harmonies, all culminating into an orchestrated experience you would never guess was one person if you had your eyes closed. Her latest release "Selected Works 2011-2013" available here: heidiharris.bandcamp.com

Band: Heidi and the 9 Feathers: facebook.com/heidiandthe9feathers

contact email: sukisound@yahoo.com

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