Heidi Harris

Jersey City, NJ

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New Weird America
Freak Folk
Chamber Folk
Heidi's creative practice is based on an exploration and intermingling of traditional and non-traditional sound sources. Repertoire of instruments include: piano, clarinet, harmonica, guitar, melodica, synthesizer, theremin, and various sound makers.

She contributed many of these sounds including songwriting as a former member of the chamber folk trio Cutleri, later in Knife Thrower's Assistance, an eclectic musical collective based in NYC and continues to collaborate in her band: Heidi and the 9 Feathers. But Heidi’s first “instrument” was her own voice. From a young age she performed lead roles in operettas and musicals, and although stylistically she has moved on to more avant-garde territories, the quality and range of her voice still hinges on her theatrical roots.

booking & info: sukisound@yahoo.com

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