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Heimschnee is an innovative, Austrian freeride film project that will be produced in the upcoming two
winter seasons (13/14 and 14/15). Apart from focusing on unseen spots, motives and scenes, this freeride
movie, in contrast to other productions, uniquely tells a thrilling, entertaining and provoking story.
Because of this, Heimschnee provides an exclusive format and is going to attract a lot of attention.
Furthermore, the riders are just “normal” people, but passionate about what they do, passionate about
what they love, like every freerider. This movie faces, apart from stunning powderturns and cliffdrops,
the most current and important topic: the life as a freerider. So the movie provides a freerider’s perspective
about what is actually important for them: nature, values, emotions, limits, community, acceptance and

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