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The audio-visual installation "Der grüne Heinrich" translates selected motifs from the eponymous novel by Gottfried Keller into a music and light piece. Ambiguous sculptures relate to the coming-of-age story of the literary text - partly directly, partly symbolically and associatively. Certain polarities of growing up and artistic self-discovery are carved out, set to music and animated by a multi-colored light choreography.
The cinematic nature of the performance is underlined by moving some objects via turntables – the sounds resulting from the movements are processed in real time and serve as unifying elements of the evolving musical images reflecting the urban-rural contrast, the myth of the forest and the biographical changes recurrently caused by extreme societal conditions.
This interpretation of "Der grüne Heinrich" might be intricate but doesn't presuppose knowing the novel of 1856, thanks to the abstracting stylisation of its timeless motifs.

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