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What makes a band like Heldmaschine call their first album ‚Weichen + Zunder’ (Turnouts + Tinder / Wonders never cease) ? Well – it’s the times we live in. When Heldmaschine started writing their songs, reactors were burning in Fukushima. When Heldmaschine went into the studio to record, London was burning. Or was it Paris ? But Heldmaschine come from Germany. Which means there is a certain inheritance – and they do come into it. They get Tom Dams, producer of electronic music legend Klaus Schulze, aboard. They are all children of poets and philosophers. And the world we live in can take much more plain truth. Heldmaschine simply speak that truth - that’s all there is. They use rock-hard drums, guitars straight in your face and razor-sharp synth lines. And frontman René Anlauff permanently oscillates between Dr. Mabuse and Nosferatu. Or was it Dr. Seltsam and Frankenstein ? However – it’s loud and hard, it’s polished boots – right in the big lie’s face.
Wonders never cease ! Didn’t you see them coming ? They shine... for you to understand .... (from the song ‚Weichen+Zunder’)

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