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Helena Bulaja Madunić (Croatia)
born / Dec 6th 1971
helena@helenabulaja.net / +385 98 1363852
Skilful and award winning, internationally recognized multimedia artist, director, designer, writer, animator, editor, illustrator, producer and consultant, Helena is actively participating in professional development of digital media, design, art and filmmaking on a world scene since 1992. She is a founder, art director and producer of leading Croatian and regional cross-media, animation and digital interactive publishing companies – “My Magical Thoughts Ltd” / “Alt F4 - Bulaja Publishing & Studios”. She is first Croatian director and producer in documentary and animated fields, whose work has been supported by MEDIA EU agency, as well as first author and director from Croatia recognized by leading cross-media and digital interactive storytelling hubs and platforms, from USA based Flash Forward and SXSW, to recently established Power to the Pixel and CINEKID cross-media EU markets.

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