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I started kitesurfing on the Scottish island of Tiree where i live about 7 years ago. I had seen it in the Vendee region of FRance when i was 14 on a family holiday and just thought it looked incredible. I first got involved with kite buggying and then progressed to land boarding as i was too young to have a proper kitesurfing lesson. I had windsurfed from the age of 8 and wake boarded before so it was a natural progression to put the two skills together. I began competing in 2006 and at my first event i won the amature section . I couldn't beleive it. So the following year i traveled to South Africa to train and try to learn some more of the more technical freestyle tricks and get into some big waves. This paid off and i was second overall in the Pro fleet in 2007. 2008 was the highest point so far . I won a a second at The KPWT World Championships in FRance and then went on to win the Overall British Championship TItle 2008.

In 2009 i have competed at the World Championships in Sylt Germany where i came 4th overall in freestyle and 5th in waves. I came 2nd overall in the British Championships in freestyle behind Hannah Whitley.

I also tried my hand at cable wakeboarding in 2009 i won the South African National Championships.So i was keen to see if i would get anywhere in the uk standings. I came 6th after the other girls who are all on the British Team. The standard is really high so i have that to work on for next time.
2009 Became the hardest year of my life.

Soon after returning from Germany my life changed forever.My brother was tragically killed in a fast jet accident in July 2009 and even now 2 years down the line it feels like yesterday.The whole season went out the window as i had more pressing things to organise and get my head round. The competition season was in full swing and the last conversation i had with Kenneth was about when and where the next meet was and that we were planning to get to it in his private plane. Unfortunately sometimes events are out of your control. It makes you think. Try to get the most out of your life.Do everthing you want to do.You only get the one shot at it! It sounds contrived but its changed the way i do everything.

2 years later i have my own business The Tiree Kitesurf Academy where i run kitesurfing and sup courses. I'm living on Tiree semi full time(as the winter is too cold so i escape to SA) Its going really well. I am completely run off my feet with lessons so its looking good for this season.Come and visit the school>We have a hotel situated right on the beach where the kite school is and some of the best wind statistics in the UK.The water is clear,you can even see fish swimming underneath you.Come and Visit Soon !

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