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Henri is quite the achiever. Not only has he studied in top Universities in Europe and in Asia and obtained three Master's degrees in Technology, Business and Management, he has climbed mountains in France, Kenia, and Japan. He's done the full Ironman in 13 hours, and now works as a consultant in building state of the art patient record systems for hospitals.

But his true passion lies in arts. Namely in electronic music production and in visual arts. In the past two years he has produced an extensive body of work consisting of more than 400 images, and just recently he got people together to work and fund a +5000$ contemporary woodburning sauna in Detroit. He has released several songs via his soundcloud profile.

Henri is currently looking to use more of his time for music and arts. Therefore he is currenlty pursuing various projects to contibute to the immense pool of the World creative works. His focus in his art work is to create inspiration and encourage others to reach for their dreams.


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