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Screen International Star of Tomorrow
Channel 4 Coming Up Director
LFS Alumni Term 159

Passionate about: Cornwall, London, city life, untouched wilderness, progressive politics, coffee, cooking, catching lobsters, the drama and ballet of football, the visual language of cinema, character led films, and contemporary thought-provoking plays that don't rely on window dressing. Hatred for: the British caste system; the Tories; and the distaste for kindness and humanity in Western society and most of the media.

Film is a collaborative medium! But in no particular order I love the work of Coppola, Spike Lee, Varda, Roeg, Wilder, Peckinpah, Dominik, Reed, Fuller, Malle, Morris, Bergman, Tarantino, Cassavettes, Pialat, Denis, Dolan, Ramsey, Altman, Von Trier, Hitchcock, Preminger, Sembène, Melville, Kiarostami, Lynch, Sciamma, Chang Dong Lee, Ozu, Soderburgh, Sachs, Wajda, Schnabel, Polanski, Fassbinder, Kechiche, Abrahamson, Tommy Lee Jones, Farhadi, Ceylan, Granik, Dardennes, Lean, Powell & Pressburger, Lonergan, Campion, Dumont, Solloway, Bresson, Scorcese, Dreyer, Audiard, Cianfrance, Allen, Payne, Baumbach and on and on and on.....

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