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Director, Post Producer and founding partner of Zeppelin, Henry has more than ten years of experience and is an expert in the field of visual effects, direction, motion graphics, compositing and color grading.

In 2008 he was finalist in the prestigious competition "Pasaporte para un artista", organized by the French Embassy, with the video installation "Presencia ausente". He also has several awards for short films produced and directed by himself as "Turn On" which won several prices and was exhibited in major world film and animation festivals as: Clermont Ferrand (France), Animamundi (Brazil), FIAK (Japan) Berlinale (Germany) etc.

He also directed the music video of the song "Transmisor" for the band "Catervas" which was in rotation for several months on MTV.

In 2007 he was invited to one of the biggest animation festivals in the world "Animamundi 2007" Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he was chosen to be part of the workshop "Creating Believable Characters" with Pixar's Animation Director, Mark Walsh.

In 2008 he was selected to be part of the Talent Campus of the prestigious Berlin Film Festival "Berlinale", which leads workshops with film personalities like renowned German director Wim Wenders or the actors Tilda Swinton and Willien Dafoe.

In 2012 Co-directed along with Nelson Wissar, the commercial for the Peruvian League Against Cancer: "Coffins", which made them award winners as "best directors in the region Peru" in the prestigious advertising festival "El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2012" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where they also were rewarded with "El Ojo de Oro" for the best animated commercial of Latin America.

Nowadays he's one of the main producers of the animated film "Mochica" directed by his partner Mauricio Esparza. The movie already won the most important award Peru's government gives to filmmakers "Premio Nacional de Proyectos de Largometraje del Ministerio de Cultura 2014". Mochica will be released in 2016.

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