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New York

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I’m Digital Artist with several years of professional experience in the advertising and film industry.
I have extensive experience working as a Digital Compositor, Rotoscoper, and Motion Graphics Designer in several tv commercials, web content and motion pictures.
Almost everything I’ve learned by now comes from the need of having to solve new problems every day, from my unbearable curiosity and my inability to say “it's impossible” before attempting to figure it out. So I guess I'm a highly motivated individual. I’ve been learned how to be flexible and how to deal with stressful situations too.
I’ve done complex 2D/3D compositing, seamless integration of 3D passes into live action sequences, 2D/3D tracking, chroma keys, match movement, set extensions, rig removals, sky replacement, digital cosmetic enhancements, etc.
I also enjoy very much developing a graphic idea from the sketch to the final stage of the animation, giving life to inanimate objects or abstract concepts and watch how it grows and matures throughout the process.
I love being creative but also enjoy learning from other artists experiences.
I’ve learned a lot, but there's still a lot to learn!

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