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Born Milan 1967.

Following his family he has lived in many countries across Europe, learning five languages and developing a multi-faceted culture.
Studying Architecture at Milan’s Polytechnic he continues to develop his passion for photography and film.
Taking part-time jobs as a student he begins to grasp the art of film-making in the advertising/ TV commercial industry. He gathers multiple experiences employed in every skill, from crew to producing and editing. In 1995, now a producer he founds his own company ActionMovie. In 1996 he makes his Directorial debut on a TV commercial, followed by Music videos, shorts and documentaries which earn him national and international awards. In 2002 he moves to Los Angeles and is a student at Judith Weston's Acting for Directors Lab and starts shooting his first narrative feature “11th Round”.
In 2004 Stefano joins the roster of Bedeschifilm.
In 2005 he premieres “11th Round” a docu-drama on women boxing wich goes on to obtain international acclaim at Film Festivals and is distributed in North America.
In 2008 he attends Rutger Hauer’s Film Factory in Rotterdam, where with an international team he directs two short films: “Action” and “A short Message”, both premiered at the 2008 Rotterdam Film Festival.
In 2008 he begins research and writing for a screenplay titled “The wolf”.
In 2009 he produces and directs with Bedeschi Film a 15 minute featurette titled “The Wolf” for his up-coming feature debut “Nature of the wolf/ La natura del lupo”.
In 2011 he launches his own independent studio facility Superhero Studio in Milan, Italy.

His work both as a director and a photographer has been featured on most major advertising, photography and art media, including Shots, Boards Magazine, Flash Art, Vogue Italia, Amica and Glamour.

Stefano has directed commercials for clients such as:
Apple iPod, Arctic Vodka, BMW, Canon, Rai TV, Stream TV, Biancosarti, CHL, Melting Pot Jeans, Fiat Auto, Emmelunga, 2006 Winter Olympics, YesOrNo Jeans, Manor Group, Winter Universiade 2007, London Olympics 2012, Discreet P&G and Diesel Jeans UW.

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