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If you asked me today what Her Undulating Scales is; I might just say, "I have no idea; let's watch and find out."

I want to combine Dead Can Dance with Anne Rice with Nine Inch Nails with Cajun Gumbo with Beats Antique with Angel Heart with Return to Oz with the scent of the open desert with belly dance with the eerie feeling that I got as a young man reading Poe alone in my grandmother's creaky old farmhouse. I want to take all the gloriously creepy, crawly bits of music and literature, sight, scent and sound and combine them. I want to bottle the scent of a humid Botanica on a warm rainy day, or the taste of a violent and eager first kiss. Life is a rapturous and beautiful thing. It is precious and fleeting; I want to make art out of it in every way I can; Her Undulating Scales is the vessel; it could be anything.

For 10 years I was the singer and guitarist for an industrial / metal band called Black Snake Moan. In late 2007 I discovered Rachel Brice, The Indigo Belly Dance company and Zoe Jakes' musical project Beats Antique. Together they inspired me to express and create like no artists I have ever encountered. Not long after, I started studying belly dance and Middle-Eastern music with a passion. I created Her Undulating Scales as a vessel in which I can create...whatever I want. I hope you enjoy what comes forth.

The path was not what I expected it to be; it has been humbling; uplifting, rewarding, painful, organic, full of growth and ultimately worth every step. I perform regularly throughout the Bay Area and the West Coast. I also play Doumbek with the Pan-European-Slavic-Romani-Klezmer-Vardo of wonder the Silk Road Caravan (Kevin Cloud, Dir.) at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. My dance instructors are or have been: Michael McElhany, Keri Langwell, Ariellah, Rachel Brice, Cera Byer, Jill Parker & Jamila Salimpour.

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