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Those video installations feel like a punch in the mouth.
On the one hand, the aesthetic is strong, kitsch, gutsy, real. There is an accumulation of objects; it is both delicate and dirty. It makes no easy concessions or pleasant displays.
On the other hand, there is a pessimistic view on the games of power that confine social relationships. The difference is punished and excluded, the strange behaviour is pursued. A series of items must be torn to pieces: love, law or disease are perceived as instruments of homogenization, standardization.
For that reason, they are transvestites in areas where the vision of the world is rebuilt and reinterpreted in actions and figures which can only exist in parallel places.
That work seems marked by an oriental principle of balance, its narrative structures are geometric - based on the square, the pentagon, triangle - or dual, as the ying and yang. Every action needs a reaction, each fact needs its consequence, always within this compositive balance where everything is measured and compensated, where the fragility finds the strength, neurosis its healing, the offence its judgement, even if it results absurd and senseless.
The parallel world that is built is both generous and mysterious, open and closed, dark and cloudy.
Its truths are hard as nails.

Pilar Cruz, Barcelona, November 2007

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