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We have been postulating now for a while, how basic numbers have formulated the human evolutionary track, and have realized that we as humanity are on the verge of opening up to what number six is about..

But first to explain the "hexagonalism" theory..
In the begining, there was only the number "1"..
Number "1" was the source of all creation, all coming from an omnipotent, all consuming force(energy), which started the evolution track rolling.
When Number "1" had created all that was possible, the evolution to the number "2" was the next step...
Realizing that to progress, number "1" then split the creative process into a procreative experience that could keep the evolutionary track moving onward..
From the split of the omnipotent energy, came an equally potent energy from number "2", in the form of "balance, and the ability to pro-create, combining the number "2"s split, to create the number "3" ..

From here, the mathmatical equations, possibilities, and variables become what we know as the number "4", which was the building up of societies from all the possibilites that the number "3" offered..

With the number "4" many great societies evolved, most noteably, the Egyptians, and their expanded use of the number "4" into sacred geometry, thru the building on the 4-sided pyramid's..
Buy realizing the energy potentials that arrose with the number "4", this and other cultures build up vast wealth and power, which then evolved into the number "5", or that of control of wealth and power, or what could be called the immergence of the idea's of Rome, the Church, and all the control mechanisims that could guarentee the absolute power that the number "5" poccessed..
This became the age of the Pentagon, nuclear options, and the credit game...

This is where we sit today! It is the idea that controlled forms of human behavior will lead to economic success, and that keeping human conciousness trained on the accumulation of individual wealth and the comforts it provides, and that it can be managed by these controls, with the least resistence..

So when do we experience the next big evolutionary leep? Enter the number "6".

Since, starting the AVit Retreat project, Hexxylight has come to the realization of the potentials of the number "6"..
The shape of a hexagon, is, when put together, the strongest bond known to man, and insects alike.. The Honey Bee honeycomb has been used in avionics to make very high strength plane wings,
and many more space age applications..

So how do we hook into the energy of the number "6"??
We use the hexagon shape, to be able to become modular and in physical terms, "quantum"..
The Hexagon, or number' "6", is the shift from control, and self, to the natural evolution of community..
The number "6", can also be modular, pluging in and out of hexagon configurations as needed, and so has the ability to operate individually, and the ability to plug into the group(community) where needed..

How does this all translate to us as VJ's and Visual peeps?

Well, for one, we think AVits and the idea of community collaborations, are the start of being able to connect into the idea of the number "6", that of equal cooperation and and a more non controlled element of the nature of 'community'..

So with thisall in mind, AVit NA is offering up AVit Retreat 2006, with the idea, that VJ's and artists from around the globe can get a group of people together and create our new immergence into the number "6", or that of making hexagon masked/shaped visuals, that can 'Plugin' to the over all honeycomb of hexagon screens..


  1. Jeff Archuleta