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The Heyman Center is Columbia University's central site for the Humanities. It brings together the interests not only of the various departments in the Humanities but also the broad conceptual, methodological and value-laden issues that are of interest to the natural sciences and the professional schools of Law, Medicine, Journalism, Arts, and International Affairs.

The Heyman Center presents several events on various themes in the Humanities throughout the Fall and Spring semesters each year, which are open not only to all at Columbia but to everyone in New York City and beyond. For more information on the Heyman Center please visit the website at heymancenter.org.

Founded in 1976, with the financial support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University ranks as one of the first and most prestigious of postdoctoral fellowship programs. Over the years, it has supported the research of over 160 Fellows in a variety of humanistic disciplines—from literature, art history, and music to anthropology, history, philosophy, and political theory—whose scholarship has garnered numerous book prizes, grants, awards, and other forms of professional recognition and acclaim. For more information on the Society of Fellows, please visit the website at societyoffellows.columbia.edu.

The Heyman Center also houses Columbia's Center for Comparative Literature and Society, a group of Columbia's emeritus faculty known as the Society of Senior Scholars, who teach in the Core Curriculum, and The Friends of the Heyman Center, all of which host seminars and colloquia of their own throughout the year. The Lionel Trilling Seminar (once a semester) and the Edward Said Memorial Lecture (once a year) are also based at the Heyman Center.

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