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HeyUGuys! It's simple. We love movies.

When we started out in November of 2008 we wanted to create an internet home for our love letters to cinema. Be it looking back to films we loved as kids, classic movies we've just caught up with or looking forward to the latest blockbusters and indie masterpieces, at HeyUGuys, if it's thrown against the silver screen we're interested.

Based in London, UK we want to bring you the most interesting film news and reviews, keep an active eye on the latest developments behind the scenes and celebrate the freshest new voices in cinema.

When we began the site we put a call out for our fellow Mogwais, Lost Boys and Goonies to join us, to talk about the films you love, and you didn't disappoint. Whether it's duking it out verbally in the comments sections of Mouthing Off in our podcast, you've chosen HeyUGuys, and we're very grateful for that.

There are great things happening in the world of film right now, and we're in a privileged position to discuss, debate, argue with you about the things you care about most. The films will never stop coming and we'll never stop watching.

Enjoy the blog, get involved, join our celebration

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