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Formed by two individuals – Jermold Compton & Richard Hardy, Hybrid Factor Freerunning is a crew that believes that all movement, no matter how large or small, stems from the philosophy and fundamental techniques grounded in parkour. We also believe that parkour and freerunning are one and the same with the one difference being that parkour is the foundation for movement in it's most naked form and free running is built on that foundation. Freerunning is simply taking various styles of movement and marrying them with the fundamentals of parkour and it's physical, mental, emotional and philosophical elements.

Our goal is to spread the aspects of freerunning to our regional community and join the ranks of other crews in the global classroom. To educate and promote the foundation of movement (parkour) and that all movement is linked in one way or the other. To build the recognition of parkour as a martial art, as a sport, and as a way of life. To build parkour as a master of freedom.

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