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  1. Mascha Halberstad
  2. Isabela Dos Santos

    Isabela Dos Santos Miami Beach, FL


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    Isabela Dos Santos is a human person, born in Brazil but a long-time resident of South Florida, who eats what some might say too many cookies and creates animations. She began animating in 2009, teaching herself the art form in her spare time while still a high school student who was nerdy about…

  3. Mosaik Cinematography Inc.

    Mosaik Cinematography Inc. PRO Vancouver. BC


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    Our mission is to capture the imagination of spectators and entice them to enter into our stories. This requires style and proper use of various element like lighting, color, texture, framing, depth of field, to create an illusion. This illusion carries the viewer to respond intuitively to the affective…

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