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We are a full-service creative powerhouse in the heart of Portland. Experienced, passionate, and unlike all the others, our team of designers, animators, storytellers, and dreamers will bring your brands to life.

Our clients include Nike, Intel, Adidas, Microsoft, Carfax, Carrington College, Merck, Cox Communications, UPS Stores, hhgregg and Minute Maid. We specialize in storyboarding, animatics, full character and look design, animation, live-action integration and mixed media, motion graphics and visual effects.

The studio was founded in 2009 by world class animation artists Alex Tysowsky, Michael Kuehn and Roland Gauthier. After decades of film and commercial experience at studios in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, the three settled down in the animation hub of Portland, Oregon. The partners and key players are deeply involved in each character created and story told at Hinge, ensuring that all our years of experience are visible on every frame. This picturesque Northwest city is an astonishingly beautiful and ideal place to raise a family. It is also a destination for the creative studios and technology companies.

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