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  1. FILMOFON - Jan Míka

    FILMOFON - Jan Míka Plus Czech Republic


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    Director, VFX Designer, Compositor, Cinematographer A graduate of Film School in Pisek and FAMU in Prague, directing department. He's won several prizes for his films and he's been awarded in national as well as international festivals. Currently he also teaches directing at the Film school…

  2. The Art Department

    The Art Department


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    The Art Department (TAD) is the next-generation model for art education. The first ever, virtual and real world fine art and entertainment development college for both digital and traditional media. Apply to TAD today at http://tad.slideroom.com

  3. Vertical Online

    Vertical Online PRO San Francisco


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    Vertical Online is a content production company. We craft brand stories with love, emotion and purpose.

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