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Hir Bois, (pronounced "Her Boys") reflects the down to earth beach town of Ventura, CA (about 1 hr north of Los Angeles) with humor and beach town funk. Our fan base spans across cultures, class' and generations!

The Hir Bois were the first Drag Kings to emerge in the California beach town of Ventura, and since then they have inspired others to step forward and hold their mustaches high. The Bois have performed at many venues and events, including:

Santa Barbara Pride
Ventura Pride
Los Angeles Pride Kickoff
Gender Ball at CSUCI
LGBT Western Regional Conference at UCSB
Wildcats Red Room in Santa Barbara
Lady Fest Los Angeles
Cal Lutheren University Pride Week
The Bois' favorite gay bar: Paddy's in Ventura
and several more!

The Bois are constantly updating their setlist and mixing it up, so if you haven't seen your Bois in a while, come enjoy the show!

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