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  1. Sugar Frosted 5x5s

    by Leif Enger joined

    32 Videos / 26 Members

    Of course there’s no call for another 5x5 group, not with Blake Whitman’s excellent “5 Vignettes,” Maria Bowskill’s “5x5 fanatics” and other groups filling…

  2. Non-profit Videos

    by woodman joined

    582 Videos / 300 Members

    Only Music Videos!

  3. World,Nature HD & Art in Vimeo

    by Annie joined

    7,065 Videos / 810 Members

    World,Nature,HD,Artworks,Music Videos, Creation,Film,photos,songs,instruments, inspiration,Animation,Education,Travel, Events,loves, life,everyday.Creation of my friends. Welcome to this Group. Here…


    by ARTURO ALMANZA joined

    19 Videos / 19 Members

    A road movie is a film genre in which the main character or characters leave home to travel from place to place. Road movie is a lifestyle. Motion = Emotion

  5. Artists Perspective's Globally & their Achievements.

    by "Statistic 101" joined

    1,627 Videos / 100 Members

    This "group" was created to inspire artists globally to express their view's on issues that have impacted them within their own community, country, or world wide. It is not intended…

  6. Visual ArtBeat Magazine Group

    by Visual Artbeat Magazine joined

    577 Videos / 243 Members

    The Grup is created to share new ideas and new creations of experimental video artists.


    by Houssein Hijazi joined

    1,943 Videos / 371 Members

    It´s Zeit para L'Europe!!! European Hymn: http://vimeo.com/4941499 European History Français:http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histoire_de_l%27Union_europ%C3%A9enne Deutsch:http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geschichte_der_europ%C3%A4ischen_Integration English:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_European_Union Español:http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historia_de_la_Uni%C3%B3n_Europea People…

  8. DSLR World

    by Lloyd Cook joined

    154 Videos / 51 Members

    For DSLR Film Makers to share their work with others.

  9. Cine Pocket - International Mobile Film Festival

    by Cine Pocket joined

    228 Videos / 313 Members

    Cine Pocket, Brussels's International Mobile Film Festival is for films shot entirely with mobile phones. Film director or amateur filmmaker, artist, student, addicted to new technologies…

  10. Sanyo-HD-Cams -> Testing

    by Olaf Henze joined

    248 Videos / 110 Members

    Videos made by Sanyo Xactis for testing. Please note your settings. !!!ATTENTION!!! For all users of the new Xactis with 1080p: You can edit the Full HD progressive files in Sony Vegas Pro…

  11. Bridges

    by Pierre joined

    359 Videos / 63 Members

    Just bridges...


    by Elaine Davis joined

    83 Videos / 10 Members

    Some videos hit home with some people probably because they are either well produced, include evocative material and/or have a special inspiration. To each his own. Here are some of my favorites…

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