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At age 15, Dereck’s love and passion for film was sparked when he experienced the Disneyland ride “Star Tours” for the first time on May 8th, 2008. George Lucas’s world of Star Wars inspired Dereck to delve into a myriad of other renowned filmmakers and their filmographies, and within a few short weeks, Dereck found his lifelong passion and dream to be a filmmaker. Since then Dereck founded his own film/video production company called “Hoekstra Pictures” and has been serving the Bay Area as a film director, producer, cinematographer and editor since 2009. Dereck has been apart of over 100 projects and has worn nearly every hat a production can offer performing work for organizations such as Guglielmo Winery, Valley Christian Schools, SLW (patent law), AppEnsure (software), Top Flight Sports, Kidder Mathews (real estate), Zubits (shoe accessories), Trippy Clip (mobile lens) and Barracuda Luggage. In 2011, Dereck was awarded 1st place and $10,000 at the SIDOC festival for the documentary film, “Watson”. Since 2013, Dereck has helped raise over $2.63 million dollars through kickstarter campaigns and fundraising events. He continues to expand into new industries working on a balance of entertainment and industrial projects.

Phone: 408-396-5998

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