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HollandCentraal is a studio for motion graphic design

Our history started in 1998 and at this time we are operating in a balance of mixed capabilities and specialties. We have the ambition to get involved in challenging quality projects and building lasting relationships with our customers. Those are the three main ingredients which bind us.

HollandCentraal has the knowledge in the field of 2D/3D-animation, editing, direction and production. With these skills we can realise a variety of multimedia projects.

HollandCentraal has the ability to easily switch between cross-media. We offer corporate identity and branding in forms of motion picture, animation, visual presentations and printing.

HollandCentraal is looking for strong concepts from a new diacritical angle. We always create out of a clear thought and communicate with a distinct message in a vivid story.

HollandCentraal works in powerful visual design. We develop concepts for festival campaigns and specializes in video-installations and narrowcasting, in station identity and program package for television programs.

HollandCentraal carries out a strong passion for visual communication. We welcome you to look at our portfolio:

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