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Based in Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood Special Ops has put together some of the quickest, most mobile rigs for high-speed cameras, or slow motion cameras, in the world.

With each high speed camera rental, we provide a trained, professional Camera Operator or DP who is comfortable and at home on set
and fluent with a range of conventional cameras and lighting techniques, as well as with these highly specialized camera systems.
Feel free to look us up: Drew Lauer, Nick Savander, Paul Samaniego, Brad Stonesifer, Tim Obeck

We use a variety of different cameras, including high speed cameras from Vision Research’s Phantom, Photron, Weisscam, IDT, Arri Alexa, and others.

Prices vary greatly, we’ll work with your production company to provide the best solution to fit your budget.
Slow motion gets expensive fast, we have some of the best prices in town.

Clients have included National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network,
Weather Channel, Spike TV, Fuel TV, NFL Network, Speed Channel, Lakai, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Gatorade, ESPN and many more.

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