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Kyle C. Olson is an award-winning producer, director, and young entrepreneur. As an artist at heart and a natural leader, he's focused on a career that brings his passion for creativity to the marketplace. Largely focusing on television and film production, his clients range from Los Angeles, CA to Milwaukee, WI.

Now directing and producing his own creative visions, Kyle's style as an artist has been described as energetic, passionate, and meaningful. He has worked on numerous television shows, including AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, DANCING WITH THE STARS, THE BACHELORETTE, and GLEE -- just to name a few. On each of these shows, Kyle bring new talents to the table -- often wearing more than one hat for a production. He has had extensive and diverse experience working in production, casting, and serving as a director and producer.

Kyle brings a level of energy to his craft that is fresh, dynamic, and invigorating to all he works with. This year, Kyle was the recipient of the 2015 Milwaukee Press Club Award for Best Documentary. Last year, Olson was honored with a Crystal Pillar Award presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences -- The Producers of THE EMMYS. There is no question that Kyle is hardworking and committed to creating first class productions. He is also very detail-oriented and resourceful in completing projects; and able to use initiative to multi-task effectively and make solid decisions while under pressure.

He has a die-hard passion for directing, producing, and story telling and will be continuing to focus more on video-based projects in the near future. If you'd like to collaborate on an upcoming project, don't be afraid to reach out!

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