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  1. Hi!!. I'm a composer, I make soundtrack for movies, video games, animated series, tv show, documentaries, etc .. Check my page vimeo.com/user39136960
  2. www.BryanDusseau.com
  3. Hi, we're a music project that works with music in Films, Short, Spot! If you want to listen some music check out our website with some of our work and contact us to treestakelife@hotmail.it Link: www.treestakelife.com
  4. ^auto correct fail!
  5. Hey holly, I'm a post grad composition student specialising in minimal an experimental music for films. Check out my reel and get in your if you'd like to chat about the project. Reel:https://vimeo.com/136667469 Cheers, Ed edfishmusic@gmail.com
  6. Hi Check out my website: http://petermichaelmathiesen.com Hope to hear from you Best Peter
  7. Hey holly, check my stuff out id love to be involved Hit me up via facebook or daneguitarist@gmail.com Link: Www.soundcloud.com/gerbilhamstercompositions