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Mexican independent filmmakers.

Rodrigo Trejo Villanueva, Chucho E. Quintero, and a young and hard-working group of actors, filmmakers, visual artists and musicians.

Back in 2010, we shot our first independent lo-fi feature called “Six Pack”, a young, slackerish mix between mumblecore and teen drama, influenced by Jarmusch and French Nouvelle Vague. The film had its world premiere at 2011's MIX Mexico Film Festival, and it's going to be released online very soon as a rough cut.

We believe in the beauty of flawed art that only young, unexperienced artists can achieve. “We keep our friends and families close to our work, always reminding us where our stories and memories come from, hence the name.”

HC is the mix between Trejo's highly energetic spirit, an explosion of life with a touch of peril and fun, and Quintero's thoughtful insights in troubled beings, human relationships and silence as a second language, creating a powerful partnership of youth and fresh air.

Rodrigo graduated from CalArts in 2013, while Chucho is currently working on his next feature film.

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