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Anyone can make music. Even people who can't.

Everyone has something worth making a noise about. Bad television might make us think that only the talented or the beautiful should be able to make music.

This is bullshit. Making music is something everybody can enjoy. Good or bad. Old or new. Those songs should be made. So if you can't sing but do anyway, you are Hometaping. If you're crap at the guitar but it makes you happy, you are Hometaping. If your saxophone makes you smile but your neighbour's wince, you are Hometaping. If you're convinced your songs are intricate masterpieces but nobody else agrees, you are Hometaping.

Hometaping is a big effort to help as many people as possible to record an album in one month. It is a celebration of what happens when they do.

Hometaping is the cradle of love for your creative spirit.

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  1. interesting video on how to record music at home for low budget folks (and who isn't these days?)