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Antoine Quirion Couture was raised in the world of video. He began his vj carer when he was only two years old. His father was working in a tv station, and Antoine found very pretty the "sub-carrier" button on the station's time base corrector. The result: Faces turned-out to be bluesish for few minutes on air at Radio-Canada.

Why is he a VJ? Take of his job of audio-visual technician, cameraman and videographer, a background of ight jocker and of MC, add more than 5 years of theatrical improvisation. Now blend all that, and you will understand!

Since 2004, Vj homing, took his place in the vjing world. He's now a resident Vj for the electrochic events at The society for arts and technology and also at the parking nightclub in Montreal for the evenings "Overdose Loves Akarien".

He played at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.

He is also Vj on many tv shows: Weekly On the Vox Channel, on the live show: Ici et là (and in the past at Esprit libre, et Baromètre) & Les Quilles On TQS.

He was a substitute teacher for the course: Live video mixing (Vj) at the Montreal University in 2007. Resident VJ for Akarien Productions, it's with them that he had the chance to create never seen before and totally innovatory concept of projection.
He was Vj for many majors events, for international djs including:

Preach - Silver 2007
Anton-X (France) - Electro-Chic 9
Accuface (Germany) - Evolution Radar One 8
Savas Pascalidis (Germany) et Kiko (France) - Diskho @ sat
Clare Large (United Kingdom) - Gloom 8
Beckers (Germany) - Rewire 3

Vj Homing is to an event what a swiss knife is to survive in the wild!! He really adapt to the situation.

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