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Honor Roll Clothing Group is a unisex streetwear brand that was founded in 2009 & is based out of Atlanta, GA. It's operated and owned by: Blair Caffey, Founder/Creative Director, Darnell Shepherd, CEO & Chris Duncan, COO/Brand Architect. Pardon My Excellence is the slogan, "Aspire to Inspire" is what we aim for.

In school, when you were well-behaved and you worked hard to be the top student in your class, you would be on the Academic Honor Roll. So translating that to the adult world: if you’re consistent, a hard worker and you treat people right; you will be at the top of your respected field…making you an "Honor Roll Student of Life". The company name has nothing to do with school; ironically 2 of the 3 owners never made the Honor Roll throughout grade school. It's more of a description for pursuing and achieving excellence in all facets of life.

Everything that we release is going to promote the spirit of excellence, perseverance and greatness--along with a design description so you know we're not just putting things out because we think it's cool. Although fashion is our outlet, we are in the business of inspiring. #PardonMyExcellence

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