The Hope Chronicles

Los Angeles, CA

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We want our world to become smaller,
and the people around us to become so much bigger.

We are a group of people going into our world and asking everyone around us one simple question: “What is your hope?”

Why are we doing this?
To understand the heart of our community.
To let our neighbors know that we care about them.
To allow ourselves to be changed through conversation.
To discover new, better ways of helping our neighborhood.
To share these stories and invite others to join us on this adventure.

We call ourselves Community Listeners. People who are distinctly, honestly, and humbly curious about the people around us, and willing to open ourselves up to changing through conversation.

Our stories are published online through audio, video, and the written word to enlighten, inform, and inspire—but most of all to invite others to start uncovering hope in their own neighborhoods.

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