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publisher of and screener of transformational documentaries. this month we are showing IM FINE, THANKS, CHOICE POINT, THE GLEANERS AND I, HUNGRY FOR CHANGE.. and others...

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  4. Roland Denning
  5. Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
  6. Democracy Collaborative
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  8. Integral Life

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  1. any info as to how we can screen this film? Isnt this like really brand new?
  2. fantastic.. how do we do community screenings???? through TUGG or through you?
  3. hmmm this ought to be called something related to laughter yoga since thats the amin jest of the 2 min clip! now I cannot locate it....
  4. how can we screen this publicly?
  5. why did it end abruptly? first you have a trailer that is still connected to kickstarter campaign and now you have a truncated trailer.... not very cool.... when there are debates I want to show people an effective trailer.. where is it???
  6. what I just sent to the film folks: THANKS!!!