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For the past five years I have worked with teens in an attempt to understand the relationship between teenage experience and those experiences shown on screen in film, video and television. This research was initiated in 2009 with the project eat ‘em and smile, and was more recently articulated with the short film The Boys which interwove conversations from iconic coming of age films into a new teen drama. In my most recent projects I am interested in taking on a more collaborative role, working with teens to tell their stories. This is reflected in the work15 for which I worked with young women in Argentina to create a short based on television situations they felt paralleled their own, as well as a new project under development in which I am working with teens in Cuba to create a tele-novella series for the Havana Biennale in 2015. In addition to coming of age rituals and concepts, my work also looks at themes of conflicting values, independence and the adventures and turmoil experienced as they (the characters) search for their place in the world.

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