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  1. Dvein

    Dvein PRO Barcelona


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    Formed in Barcelona in 2007, Dvein is a director's collective that pushes the limits of live action and CGI storytelling, helmed by Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo. With a background in fine art and design, the collective merges the physical with the digital world to craft sleek visual effects infused…

  2. Kirsten Lepore

    Kirsten Lepore Plus Los Angeles, CA


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    I like to make not-humans.

  3. Departament Tècnic Manel
  4. Gavin Owens

    Gavin Owens Grado, Asturias


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    Hello there. I am an Irish man living in Asturias, Spain. I have been working as a cameraman for about 18 years now, mostly in news and documentary. I play around with writing music for vision and enjoy walking and shooting what I see. After working in the fast paced enviroment of 24 hour news…

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