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As a founding Managing Partner of EastLabs, a venture capital seed accelerator in Kyiv, Ukraine, Hrish Lotlikar invests in early-stage Internet companies. Before joining EastLabs, Hrish Lotlikar served as Vice President for Spencer Trask Ventures, where he sourced, analyzed, and executed investments in internet, biotechnology, health care, consumer/retail, communications, and media.

Previously, he served as a Senior Associate for HSBC Securities in New York, and Associate at UBS Investment Bank in investment banking/M&A and in global business development at management consulting firm Aon Hewitt.
Hrish earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Pre-Med from Rice University, a Master of Public Health and MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Illinois at Chicago. A U.S. Congressional Scholar, Hrish Lotlikar served as a Board Member of the New York Executive Forum, and is a member of the New York City Venture Connection and the New York Private Equity Network.

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