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… HTN Films is a Filmproduction-Company in Salzburg. Apart from that, it is the baby, the life-attitude and the path to happiness for founder Hubert Neufeld.

It all started on a sunny summer day in 2011 on a construction site in the center of Salzburg. Without a permission to shoot there, without any luxury equipment, but WITH Train D-Lay! On this day the first music video for him and for us was produced. This cooperation exists since then and has shown great results. Among those are 6 music-videos, i-Tunes Top Ten, and a production-company, which by now is able to fulfill all customers wishes.

Since starting with the first music-videos, the team around Hubert as well as longterm customers had grown. This is why the company HTN Films was already founded and built up during the time of Huberts Bachelors and Masters.
The variety of jobs grew with Image-films, Event-videos, Advertisement and of course more music videos. The most successful cooperations since the are: Blob-Europe, innocent-drinks, Erdbär-Organic Clothing and DJ Sticky.

These projects proved successful with the same pattern: Longterm thinking, full commitment and a almost narcissistic urge for perfection… shown by the client and by the whole team.

Whoever identifies with these attributes is right to go with HTN Films.

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