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HTX is a NYC based visual design boutique specializing in adapting itself to any challenge in the realm of animation, motion design, visual effects and live action. With this chameleon capability, HTX caters to a broad range of clients and audiences with the objective of creating something unique and unforgettable each & every time.

HTX is grounded in what we call the “X”. The “X” symbolizes the unknown, the unexplored, and the experimental spirit. In essence, the “X” is the variable that cultivates each project to it’s highest potential. The “X” is unique to everyone, and HTX’s goal is to discover the “X” in each project and bring it into “Xsistence”.

HTX is a digital facility designed as a unique one-stop hub for any project in the creative, production and marketing processes. Our digital artists are a multi-faceted group of professionals and creative thinkers, who encourage open collaboration with our clients to maximize their full potential “X”.

Come “Xsist in the X”.

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