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The Huairou Commission empowers grassroots women’s organizations to enhance their community development practice and to exercise collective political power at the global level.

Driven by grassroots women’s organizations from around the world, the members and partners of the Huairou Commission believe it is in the best interest of local communities and the global development field for grassroots women leaders to expand their participation and leadership in community development work on the issues that affect their daily lives. Huairou Commission members and partners believe grassroots women’s participation in local to global decision-making is a reliable route to achieving gender equitable, pro-poor policies and investments.

The Huairou Commission is structured as a global membership coalition of women’s networks, non-governmental and grassroots women’s organizations in 54 countries. The coalition builds partnerships with individual professionals and development institutions.

Through these partnerships and by linking its members with each other, the Huairou Commission empowers grassroots women’s groups to:

- Collectively influence local to global political spaces on behalf of their communities.

- Enhance their sustainable, resilient community. development practice.

Twitter: @HuairouConnect

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