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  1. Hubblecast 71: Visible echoes around RS Puppis


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    This episode of the Hubblecast explores striking new Hubble observations of a variable star known as RS Puppis. This star is growing brighter and dimmer as it pulsates over a period of five weeks.…

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    • Blue planet HD 189733b around its host star (artist’s impression)


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      This illustration shows HD 189733b, a huge gas giant that orbits very close to its host star HD 189733. More information and download options: http://www.spacetelescope.org/videos/heic1312a/ Credit: NASA,…

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      • Zoom in on NGC 248


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        This zoom video starts with a wide-field view of both the Small and the Large Magellanic Clouds before zooming into the emission nebula NGC 248, located on the southern end of the Small Magellanic…

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        • Pan across NGC 4696


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          This video pans over NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations of the massive galaxy NGC 4696, which lies about 150 million light-years from Earth. More information and download options: http://www.spacetelescope.org/videos/heic1621b/ Credit: ESO/L.…

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          • A zoom to the star HD 189733


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            A zoom from Hubble orbiting 600 km above the Earth's surface towards the star HD 189733; flying through the asterism of the "Summer Triangle" and past the famous planetary nebula M27. More…

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            • Timelapse of Jupiter’s auroras


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              This timelapse video of the vivid auroras in Jupiter’s atmosphere was created using observations made with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble is particularly suited to observing and…

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              • Hubblecast 74: Hubble and Heaven’s Carousel


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                This episode of the Hubblecast explores the intersection of science and art through the artwork of Tim Otto Roth - premiered in March 2014 at the fourth Hubble Space Telescope Conference at the Accademia…

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                • Clear to cloudy hot Jupiters


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                  This video shows an artist’s impression of the ten hot Jupiter exoplanets studied by David Sing and his colleagues. From top left to lower left these planets are WASP-12b, WASP-6b, WASP-31b,…

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                  • Zoom in onto Trumpler 14


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                    This short sequence zooms in on the open young cluster of stars, Trumpler 14. One of the largest gatherings of hot, massive and bright stars in the Milky Way, this cluster houses some of the most…

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                    • The stellar jets of HH 24 in 3D


                      from HubbleESA Added 116 3 0

                      This movie envisions a three-dimensional perspective on the Herbig-Haro object as it is seen by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The sequence starts with a wide-field view covering the vast dark…

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                      • Hubblecast episode 89: Edwin Hubble


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                        When you hear the name “Hubble”, you probably think of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. But, decades before the Hubble Space Telescope, Dr Edwin Powell Hubble revolutionised the field…

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                        • Hubblecast 43: Hubble and Black Holes


                          from HubbleESA Added 421 3 0

                          For centuries, scientists imagined objects so heavy and dense that their gravity might be strong enough to pull anything in - including light. They would be, quite literally, a black hole in space. But…

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